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21 Dec

Black Accent Lights Sabertooth Cross Country Finally!

Saddlebag LED Accent Lights Black After all this waiting the accent lights are in stock in Black   Bring some bite to your Victory Motorcycle! Designed to compliment the body lines of the Victory Motorcycle OEM saddlebags and coordinate with the main taillight, these stylish accents function as additional run-brake rear lighting. Peel – and

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07 Oct


FINALLY A TANK STRAP WITH POCKET XC, XR & NOW ALL MODELS This is a question I’ve been getting weekly. Customers looking for a tank bib to hold a phone and wallet! We have them in stock as of today. Mounts easy and formed to the Victory tank so it doesn’t have loose ends. The

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01 Oct

Magnets by Dimple Extends Motor Life

Magnets by Dimple Extends Motor Life Want to extend your engine life? The life of a motor on a car or motorcycle is the engine oil. The oil filter magnets and oil drain plug magnets by Dimple are the strongest on the market & install in seconds which will make your motor last longer. I have them

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30 Sep

Cleaning & Caring for Custom Victory Parts & Accessories

Cleaning & Caring for Custom Victory Parts & Accessories Now that you have invested in Victory Only Custom parts and accessories, it’s your job to keep them looking like new. Here’s some tips. Polished Brakes, Controls and Accessories: Mild soap and water is the best method to keep them clean. To keep the show polish,

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30 Sep

Mount Lower Wind Deflectors

Mount Lower Wind Deflectors Mounts to forks below windshield to below lower wind and direct it away from the legs. MADE IN THE U.S.A. Yes MODEL Memphis Fats,Memphis Slim,Sportshield SPECIFIC APPLICATION Yes STYLE Lowers TYPE Mount Kit INDEPENDENT LOWERS HARDWARE Each kit contains two fork clamp/mounting assemblies and all necessary hardware to mount Lowers plastic

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21 Sep

Cross Country Driving Light Mounts

Ive been getting a Bunch of phone calls on Driving Light Mounts for Cross Bikes. The following is one of my favorite accessories. They mount easy and hides the wires. They can be used with almost any driving light or Led lights. Light Bracket Low Down Chrome or Black Victory Low Down Light Brackets Perfect

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19 Dec


BATTERY WHAT TO KNOW VICTORY MOTORCYCLES How long does it take to charge a battery? The more discharged that a battery is, then the longer it will take to recharge it.  Usually it takes several hours to effectively recharge a battery. If a battery is very discharged then it can take up to 12 hours

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Fork Flames Universal
15 Feb

More Accessories and Faster Service!

More Accessories and Faster Service! Im so excited about one of our favorite suppliers adding another machine and huge investment to be able to ship Victory Only more of their high quality accessories and faster show quality parts. Thanks for the extra help and for Kewlmetals …fork flames I posted pictures of installed below. These

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31 Jan

As requested, Here are more pics of solo seats and rear solo racks.

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